Native Integrations

Register Nekton as an Oauth2.0 client on popular platforms like the Google Workspace app store or the Slack app store, so that Nekton users can use workflows which require access to third party apps without needing to resort to browser automation in their workflows. Document this integration API and feed it to the LLM API after checking if users would use this feature in their workflows.

Thanks for the idea!

We currently work on adding support for secret handling that will allow you to use simple tokens, webhook urls and other sensitive info in the workflows without embedding them into the code. This should be out in a few days.

After that we’ll look into OAuth 2 integration.

Are there other platforms, except Google and Slack that you want to have integration with?

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Those sound like good features. I don’t have any other specific platform’s I’m trying to integrate.

Just an update, Nekton can now securely store sensitive parameters, like access tokens and credentials, and use them from automation code: Announcements - Nekton community

You can play around with connecting to the Google workspace using service account that has credentials.

OAuth authentication is on the roadmap.

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